NEW TIME for Yoga and Contemporary!

Fun and Fabulous Yoga and Contemporary classes...FOR FREE
Orem Dance Theatre
YOGA-- 10:00-10:55am
                CONTEMPORARY-- 11:00-12:00pm
(yes, that is a time change!)
Current students at ODT!



We are holding our Yoga and Contemporary classes tomorrow! These classes are FREE to registered students!

Yoga: 9:00-9:55 (no mat necessary, but bring one if you'd like)
Contemporary: 10:00-11:00

We hope to see you there!


Halloween Costumes!

It's so fun to have the Pre Ballet girls come in their Halloween costumes! They love it, and so do we!

Happy Halloween!


NEW ODT Schedule!!!!!!

We are staying in the basement for now and consequently had to make a few changes to this year's schedule!  
Check it out to see how your classes were affected.
Can't wait for classes to start September 4!!!


Rapunzel, Rapunzel.....

Awesome pics from this year's show thanks to Lizzy Jean Photography!!!!!!


Rapunzel 2012 Soloist, Demi-Soloist & Company Dancer

Thank you to ALL the girls who attended the audition last Saturday! We had a fantastic turnout and were very proud of how professional all the girls looked and acted. It's a great experience for any dancer! Below are the Companies, Soloists and Demi Soloists that were chosen. Please remember that there are many years to come of Orem Dance Theatre productions and you will get your chance. We definitely reward hard work and dedication; meaning, we look at those who have great attendance and great attitudes all year long and feel the need to reward that behavior. You are all fantastic dancers and are all growing and evolving as dancers! We couldn’t be more proud of each and every one of you. **Please note that all three companies will require an additional costume and several of the soloist parts will as well.**

Sr Company Dancers (For opening and closing scenes in the Palace) **To be in this group you must be enrolled for 3 classes a week and to have attended the audition** Megan Anderson, Emma Beus, Tatum Chiniquy, Sydney Crabb, BriAnna Day, Abby DeWitt, Jaya Farrer, Anna Forsyth, Sophie Gerstner, Harlee Hunsaker, Kesli Johnson, Alyssa Johnston, Grace Lam, Sydney Pedersen, Tatum Stanger, Whitney Stratton

Jr Company Dancers (For opening and closing scenes in the Palace)– Lily Bush, Quincey Crabb, Lily Miller, Maddie Nielsen, Emily Wennerholm

Core dancers (For numbers as scene transitions) – Rachel Anderson, Vivian Bush, Katherine Crawford, Tali Farrer, Brooke O’Brien, Emma Santiago, Saylor Sallenback, Emily Stratton, Olivia Webb

Rapunzel – Emma Beus

Chameleon – Emma Santiago

Witch – Tatum Chiniquy

Rapunzel Flower – Sydney Pedersen

Queen – Jaya Farrer

Seamstress Soloist – Harlee Hunsaker

Crown Jewel – Kesli Johnson

Florist Soloist – Megan Anderson

Braid Soloist – Sophie Gerstner

Rose – Anna Forsyth

Thief – Alyssa Johnston

Lantern Soloist – Abby DeWitt

Party Scene Duo – Tatum Stanger & Whitney Stratton

*The male parts of the King and Flynn Ryder will be announced in two weeks.


Official Fall Schedule and Registration Form!!!

If you still haven't registered...NOW is the time! Classes are filling up FAST.
Many are already full!

Here is the official schedule for the 2011-2012 school year!

And the registration form:


Summer Time...and the Dancin is easy!

Time to get ready for Summer...and that doesn't mean stop dancing! :)

See the flyers below for information on summer options.

Advanced Summer Classes Ages 11+

Intermediate Summer Workshops Ages 7-10
Young Summer Workshops Ages 3-6



Best Teaching Staff in Utah Country!!!!!


Secret Garden: SUCCESS!

Best show yet! I love how much our technique improves every year!

Love you all




Thanks to Lizzy Jean Photography for another fantastic year of pictures!